TDM900 : An air-box heat-shield.

Why a heat shield ?

1 - To prevent the heat produced by the engine to excessively influence the intake air and thus the temperature sensor, mainly when the engine is at low loads with little air flow.
2 - The YZF-R1 has one, why wouldn't my TDM have one too ?
3 - Because I had some spare cork sheets.

As the heat shield lies under the air-box, removing all the parts of the air-intake flap actuator is required. The inactivation of the latter is therefore a prerequisite.

What you need

The heat shield consists of three layers :
• Household aluminum sheet to act as an infra-red reflector.
• Cork sheet, about 2 mm thick, to serve as support and first thermal insulation.
• Expanded polyethylene sheet, about 3mm thick, as a second thermal insulation.

Other things :
• Cutter, scissors, pen.
• Neoprene glue or other all-purposes glue.
• Adhesive tape ie Duct-tape.


To access the air-box :
• Remove the seat.
• Remove the side fairings.
• Remove the two small black side covers.
• Remove the two screws securing the tank to the front.
• Swing the tank back up to get some room above the air-box, secure it with a strap.
• Remove the air-box : loosen the clamps of the intake pipes on the bodies of the injectors, remove the screw at the front of the box and remove the box.
• Disconnect the three hoses.
• Disconnect the temperature sensor connector.
• Open the air-box, only the lower part is needed.

(image)• If not already done, remove all the elements of the intake flap control system.

(image)• Remove the temperature sensor (unscrew it). Warning : this part is fragile, handle with care.
• Remove the wire clamp.

(image)• Voila, the underside the air-box is ready.

The heat shield

(image)• Take the cork sheet and trace the outline of the airbox.


(image)• Cut and trim.

(image)• Cut and glue the aluminium sheet on the bottom side.

(image)• Cut and glue the expanded polyethylene sheet on the upper side.

(image)• Fix the heat shield on the air-box with some adhesive tape, install the sensor and the cable clamp.

(image)• You can make a small scarf around the sensor, this is more efficient and it has a nice looking.

• Reconnect the sensor connector, install the hoses.
• Install the air-box on the throttle bodies - it's easier when the air-box is open, but you still have to swear a bit.
• Install all the removed elements in reverse order of removal.

Is it really effective?

Use the DIAG mode #05 to check how effective the heat shield is :
• Take note of the air intake temperature with the engine still cold.
• Start the engine and warm it up until the engine operating temperature is reached.
• Stop the engine and check the temperature difference.

Without the heat shield I found a rise in temperature of about 20°C.
With the heat shield, the rise in temperature is about 10°C.

However, don't worry too much about this difference, the air temperature sensor has a very fast response time and when the engine is running, the bigger airflow quickly cools it.

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