TDM900 : Alarm connectors

Mister Yamaha have fitted an alarm pre-wiring on some of his bikes. Problem is : there is no information about it, neither on the Owner's Manual nor on the more official & verbose Atelier Manual.

No more information can be found on any technical readings about Yamaha's bikes.
These alarm wiring connectors must be the same on the different Yamaha bikes (at least it's the case for the some 2002 & 2003 models), as I don't see Mr Yamaha designing a different alarms for each model.
However, this apply mainly to the TDM900 2002-2003.
Since 2004 the TDM has a different alarm wiring as it have a transponder unit.

The TDM850 (4TX) also has alarm connectors, they are fully described on the 4TX wiring diagram.

Description 2002-2003

(image)There are two white connectors located under the seat, near the fuse box and under the frame plate. All wires are black to prevent identification. Both connectors are made of male/female parts. A link wire is wired on each removable connector.

Starting the engine is impossible when the link wires are disconnected : the injection/fuel-pump relay and the starter cut-off relay won't work.

These connectors are designed for the Yamaha Cyclelok YM500 alarm system.

The red & blue lines figure the two link wires on the removable connectors.
(refer to the general wiring diagram for implementation)

Connector A : 3 pins
A-1Injection, coils & fuel pump relay shunt wire (red)
A-2Injection, coils & fuel pump relay shunt wire (red)
A-3+12v permanent (direct from the battery, fuse protected)
Connector B : 6 pins
B-1Starter shunt loop (blue)
B-2Turn lights
B-3+12v switched (main switch ON : +12v / OFF : 0v, fuse protected)
B-4Starter shunt loop (blue)
B-5Turn lights
For the hobbyists :
You may built a simple, effective, reliable and cheap anti-theft system, cut the two link wires and connect them to a bipolar switch. Keep the switch hidden somewhere under the seat, the panel or the fairing. A more sophisticated unit may involve some electronics, with automatic arming, radio-control, etc.

Description 2004+

(image)There are two connectors under the seat, one with two pins and the other one with four pins. There is no link wire because the oem immobilizer unit already controls the engine firing.

These connectors are designed for the Yamaha Cyclelok YM600 alarm system.

Connector A : 2 pins
A-1+12v permanent (direct from the battery, fuse protected)
A-2to the oem immobilizer unit
Connector B : 4 pins
B-1+12v switched (main switch ON : +12v / OFF : 0v, fuse protected)
B-3Turn lights (left-hand side)
B-4Turn lights (right-hand side)

Other connectors

There is a small mystery connector under the seat with six pins & black wires. All pins are connected with a small metal part. This connector is a common ground for the injection system sensors. In case the metal part is removed the engine won't start. Another connector like this one is located near the ECU unit.

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