TDM900 : Red LED dash backlight


The original orange light of the dashboard is not bad, but i wanted something different. So I changed it for some LED light.

LED lighting has many advantages : long life, lower power consumption, almost no heating.
That article show how to fit red LEDs, but any other color is ok. just adapt the LED current with the resistors.
Why red LEDs ? Because they don't blind you at night and the eye focuses better on red, more than blue LEDs.

LEDs Pros

• Instant light-on without intensity peak.
• Last around 100,000 hours (10 years).
• Vibration-proof.
• High light efficiency, power consumption reduced by 90%.
• Little-or-no heat is produced.
• May be controlled by an electronic circuit.

LEDs Cons

• Lower light flux but improving fast.
• Still expensive but prices get cheaper.
• Require electronic control... well, not always.
• More sensitive to over-voltage.

Required components & tools

• Seven red (or any other color, see next) LEDs (Surface Mounting Device are better).
• Two 1/4 watt resistors : 100 & 390 ohms.
• Thin electric wiring.
• 12V power supply (from battery, accumulator or wall adapter).
• Philips screwdriver.
• An IC extractor tool.
• A set of small flat pliers & cutting pliers.
• Soldering iron with a very thin tip (max 30W).
• Standard tools to remove the fairing elements and the dash.

First step - removing the dash

Remove the side & front panels, the screen & the black plastic around the dash.
Unplug the dash, then remove the three screws (#12) and the dash itself.
You may now put the dash on the workbench and sit down.

Second step - opening the dash

(image)Put the dash upside down on a soft surface to prevent any scratch on the clear plastic lenses.
Remove the closing screws (#8), keep the casing closed, return it and remove the upper half shell (#5). Keep it in a place away from dust.
The electronic circuit (#1) is now visible. Keep it inside the lower half shell (#7) to protect it and help handling.
Now carrefully extract the tachometer needle (that is : the white needle & the metal pin) with the IC extractor. Be very carefull during that step, the needle needs some strength to go away. Avoid any rotation too.
Remove the two small black screws on the tacho disk, then remove the disk without handling it too much : no fingerprints please !.

(image)There you are now (on this picture the temperature display is removed but this is not required) :
The blue circles show the original bulbs.

(image)You may either remove the bulbs with their plastic sockets, or leave the plastic sockets and remove onmy the bulbs.
Carefully rotate up the speedo display from the top side and remove the orange plastic filter that lies below.
Do not attempt to do the same for the clock display, it's too small and may break.

Third step - place the LEDs

(image)It's easier to use SMD LEDs : they are much difficult to solder but they fit on the dash circuit boad very well due to their small size.
You must solder the LEDs first on some small pieces of PCB : following operations will be much easier.

(image)I made two set of LEDs :
• One set with five LEDs, with the 100 Ω resistor at the end.
• One set with two LEDs, with the 390 Ω resistor at the end.
Resistors values are for red, orange or green LEDs. Blue LEDs need more current and therefore slightly lower resistors values.
Wire the LEDs : they must be in serial (don't forget to check twice the polarity). Solder a resistor at the end.

(image)Red circles show the LEDs, blue circles show the resistors.
First set : L-1 to L-5
Second set : L-6 and L-7

(image)L-1 lights the speedo display the must be vertical, close to the edge of the transparent display.
L-6 is also vertical to light the clock display.
L-7 is a LED in a standard casing, so it is horizontaly glued in order to light the temperature display from the side (I killed one of the SMD LED and had no more in stock except standard ones).

(image)Test during work

(image)...then you need to wire the two sets directly on the dash plug socket as indicated below (clic to enlarge) :

There you are. You may now put the tacho face, the needle (synchronization at power-on is not always easy so be carefull).
Place back the top dash casing, check again everything is working ok.
Place the dash back on the bike, plug it, check again, then put back the fairing.

Another, easier mod...

(image)There is another way to change the dash light color : just buy drop-in replacement T5 Wedge-Base LED, they fit directly in the dash and exist in many colors. You may find these lamps on eBay, at an auto-parts reseller or at SuperBrightLeds.

(image)Pic by Stunts


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