TDM850-900 (1991-2002) : Headlight & pilot lights

In France and in many other countries, every two-wheels engine vehicle is required to have the headlights on during daylight riding. Less known is that the position lights does not follow the same rule.

Actually daylight position lights are not required unless the average daylight level is poor : weather / season / latitude.

A bit of theory

The position lights on the TDM are made of :
• front light : 5W bulb.
• rear light : 5W bulb (TDM900), 5W x 2 bulbs(TDM850).
• dashboard : 5W (approx).
The total power consumption is 15W or 20W depending on the model. This is around 20% of total power consumption.

The main advantage when inhibiting the position lights is a longer battery lifetime : lower power consumption means lower battery duty.

I'm riding my 9er since 2002 with that mod, no trouble with the police.

From 1991 until 2002 the light switch is found on the right-hand switch casing. It is impossible to switch on the headlight without the position light going on too.

From 2003 on the position lights are always switched on (when the main switch is on). The mod is less easy to do, I'll publish it latter.

(image)1 - Engine kill switch
2 - Light switch
3 - Engine start switch

The light switch is a three wires switch : one input for the +12V (Red/Yellow wire) and two outputs for the position light (Blue wire) & the headlight (Blue/black wire).

There are three possible mods.

Tools & parts you'll need

• A screwdriver.
• A soldering iron.
• A hot glue gun.
Mods A & B only :
• About 20cm of wiring, same gauge or bigger than the original wiring.
• An additional switch (from an old computer power-supply - or a new one). Min current must be 10A.


How to

Start of the surgery :
• Open the right-hand switch casing : two screws.
• Remove the light switch from the switch casing.


Mod A

(image)What we want : Switch on the headlight separately.
A new switch is wired in parallel.
The headlights will be switched on when the original switch or the additional switch are switched on.
Daylight ride : the original light switch is off, the additional switch is switched on so the headlight is on. When riding inside a tunnel the original light switch will be switched on.
Night ride : only the original light switch is in use.

How-to :
• Solder a 10cm long wire on the Red/Yellow wire on the light-switch, don't remove the Red/Yellow wire.
• Solder a 10cm long wire on the Blue/black wire on the light-switch, don't remove the Blue/black wire.
• Lead the two wires outside the switch case, then solder them on the additional switch.
• Put hot glue around the additional switch soldering as protection against moisture.
• Glue switch under the switch casing with cyanocrylate glue : either remove the plastic surrounding from one side of the switch, or (better) make a notch on the original switch casing with a file. Both surfaces must be flat & clean in order to ensure a reliable gluing.
• Replace main light switch inside casing, close casing.


Mod B

(image)What we want : Switch off the position lights separately.
A new switch is wired in serial.
The position lights will be on when the original light switch and the additional switch are both on.
Daylight ride : the original light switch works as usual, the position lights are switched off by using the additional switch. When riding inside a tunnel the additional switch will be switched on.
Night ride : the additional switch is permanently switched on.

How-to :
• Unsolder the Blue wire from the light-switch and solder in place a 10cm wire, same gauge.
• Lead the two wires outside the switch case, then solder them on the additional switch.
• Proceed with the additional switch as described above.

Mod C

(image)What we want : Modify the main light light switch.
Headlight wiring and position light wiring are simply permuted.
No need for an additional switch, the main light switch works as follow :
• All off
• Headlight is on (daylight driving)
• Headlight and position light are on (night driving)
Minus point : the position lights can't be switched on independently.

Howto :
• Unsolder the Blue wire and the Blue/black wire from the light-switch.
• Solder the Blue wire in place of the Blue/black wire.
• Solder the Blue/black wire in place of the Blue wire.
• Replace main light switch inside casing, close casing.

Always check your local driving regulations.
This page is based on the French driving regulations.


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