TDM900 : ECU DIAG Mode

The DIAG mode is accessible from the dashboard without special tools or electronic device as this is the case on most modern bikes & cars. It allows control of the ECU sensors and actuators. The history of operating errors previously recorded by the ECU is also available and resetable.

The fuel pump should normally be disconnected before doing the tests because it is activated during the tests. This is not very easy as it requires the tank to be lifted. This may be ignored for most of the tests - mainly the sensor tests - with some exceptions :.
• The Diag test #09 (battery voltage check) will not give a correct result with the fuel pump still connected.
• The actuator tests is also a problem because of the noise made by the fuel pump when activated : testing the injectors and the relays is more difficult. In this case the fuel pump should be disconnected too.


1 - Clock
2 - Odometer
3 - SELECT button
4 - RESET button
5 - Engine control light

A - Entering the DIAG Mode

Starting condition : main switch is in OFF position.
1 - Press the SELECT and RESET buttons.
2 - Turn the main switch to the ON position while keeping the buttons depressed.
3 - Wait until the display changes and DIAG appears - this takes around 8 seconds.
4 - Release both buttons.

B - Select the DIAG Mode

1 - Press again both buttons.
2 - Wait until d01 appears on the screen : DIAG #01.
3 - To select the required DIAG code, press the SELECT button to increase code or the RESET button to decrease code.

Codes 01 to 21 : sensors control codes

The sensors send data to the ECU in order to calculate the ignition & the injection timings, and also for the safety of the engine and the bike.
Note : the temperatures are normally given in Celcius, unless the display is set for mph. In this case temperatures are in Fahrenheit.
01Throttle Position Sensor. Should display 15 - 17 (closed) up to 97 - 100 (fully open).
02Barometric Air Pressure given in mmHg (% on some ECU). Should display around 760 (or 100%).
03Manifold Air Pressure (differential). Zero when engine is not running.
05Intake Air Temperature.
06Engine Coolant Temperature.
07Vehicle Speed Sensor. Rotate the rear wheel to check.
08Lean Angle Sensor. Should display 0.4 - 1.4 (upside sensor) or 3.8 - 4.2 (above 65°).
09Battery voltage. Should display 12.0 min, activate the "Engine Stop" switch to check.
20Side-stand switch. Should display ON or OFF. Engage the gearbox before checking.
21Neutral gearbox switch. Should display ON or OFF.

Codes 30 to 52 : actuators control codes

Actuators are devices under control of the ECU : injectors, ignition coils, solenoids, relays, etc.
Switch the Engine Stop switch to RUN to start checking, then to OFF.
The Engine control light should also light up during activation.
30Ignition coil #1 is activated 5 times per second.
31Ignition coil #2 is activated 5 times per second.
36Injection solenoid #1 is activated 5 times per second.
37Injection solenoid #2 is activated 5 times per second.
48Air induction system (PAR) solenoid is activated 5 times per second.
49Air box intake flap solenoid is activated 5 times per second.
50Injection system relay is activated 5 times per second.
51Fan is activated every 5 seconds (2 seconds ON, 3 seconds OFF).
52Headlights relay is activated every 5 seconds (2 seconds ON, 3 seconds OFF) - 2003+ models only.

Codes 60 to 70 : ECU internal memory control & error codes control

Checks the internal memory of the ECU, displays (and cancels) all previously recorded error codes.
Refer to the Error Codes page for their description.
60EEPROM : CO value memory error.
• 00 : no error found.
• 01 and/or 02 : error on cylinder #1 and/or cylinder #2.
61Error Codes in memory.
• 00 : no error code.
• Error codes are displayed in sequence (loop).
62Number of Error Codes in memory (displayed using mode 61).
• 00 : no error code.
• The Error Codes memory may be reset by activating the Engine Stop switch.
70Control Code : 0 to 255. No further documentation available.

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