TDM850-900 : Main specifications


EngineTDM850 (3VD) 91-95TDM850 (4TX) 96-01TDM900/A 2002+
Engine typeLiquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 5-valve, forward inclined parallel 2-cylinder, DOHCidid
Displacement849 cc849 cc897 cc
Bore x stroke89,5 x 67,5 mm89,5 x 67,5 mm92.0 x 67.5 mm
Compression ratio9.2:110.5:110.4:1
Maximum power (DIN)56.6 kW (77 PS)
@ 7,500 rpm
60 kW (82 PS)
@ 7,500 rpm
63.4 kW (86 PS)
@ 7,500 rpm
Maximum torque (DIN)76.5 Nm (7.8 kg-m)
@ 6,000 rpm
80 Nm (8.2 kg-m)
@ 6,500rpm
88.8 Nm (9.1 kg-m)
@ 6,000 rpm
Lubrication systemDry sumpidid
Fuel SystemMikumi BDST38/2Mikumi BDST38 (96-98)
Mikumi BDSR38 (99-01)
Electronic Fuel Injection
Clutch typeWet, multiple-disc coil springWet, multiple-disc coil springWet, multiple-disc coil spring
Ignition systemTCITCITCI
Starter systemElectricElectricElectric
Transmission systemConstant mesh, 5-speedConstant mesh, 5-speedConstant mesh, 6-speed
Final transmissionChainChainChain
Fuel tank capacity18 L20 L20 L
Oil tank capacity4.2 L4.2 L4.7 L

ChassisTDM850 (3VD) 91-95TDM850 (4TX) 96-01TDM900/A 2002+
ChassisDeltabox steel frameDeltabox steel frameDiamond aluminium frame
Front suspensionTelescopic forks, Ø 41 mmTelescopic forks, Ø 43 mmTelescopic forks, Ø 43 mm
Front travel160 mm149 mm150 mm
Rear suspensionSwingarm (MonoCross)Swingarm (MonoCross)Swingarm (link suspension)
Rear travel140 mm144 mm133 mm
Front brakeDual discs, Ø 298 mmDual discs, Ø 298 mmDual discs, Ø 298 mm
Rear brakeSingle disc, Ø 245 mmSingle disc, Ø 245 mmSingle disc, Ø 245 mm
Front tyre110/80 ZR18 (58H)110/80 ZR18 (58W)120/70 ZR18M/C (59W)
Rear tyre150/70 ZR17 (69H)150/70 ZR17 (69W)160/60 ZR17M/C (69W)

DimensionsTDM850 (3VD) 91-95TDM850 (4TX) 96-01TDM900/A 2002+
Length2,175 mm2,165 mm2,180 mm
Width780 mm790 mm800 mm
Height1,260 mm1,285 mm1,290 mm
Seat height795 mm805 mm825 mm
Wheel base1,475 mm1,475 mm1,485 mm
Minimum ground clearance160 mm165 mm160 mm
Caster angle25°24,5°25,5°
Minimum turning radius2,900 mm2,900 mm

WeightTDM850 (3VD) 91-95TDM850 (4TX) 96-01TDM900/A 2002+
Dry199 kg190 kg
193 kg (ABS)
Wet229 kg (96-98)
232 kg (99-01)
221 kg
224 kg (ABS)
Maximum load203 kg
200 kg (ABS)

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