TDM900 : Removing & servicing the swing-arm

A quick description on how to remove / replace the swing-arm and do some maintenance operations :
• swing-arm free-play check.
• rear suspension bearings maintenance.
• final transmission swap.
• chain cleaning & maintenance.
• shock-absorber swap.
• general cleaning.
• etc.


• Place the bike on a suitable stand under the engine and the swing-arm so that the rear wheel is elevated.
• Remove mufflers & foot-rest holders.

Removing the transmission chain / sprocket : Part One

Note : Skip to the next chapter in case no chain / sprocket maintenance is scheduled.

• Remove the left-hand gearbox panel then the upper gearbox command shaft holder screw :


• Remove the speed-sensor casing :


• Remove the drive axle nut & the castle washer (fully apply rear break to lock the drive axle) :



• Remove the sprocket panel :


• Eventually un-tighten the sprocket nut (fully apply rear break to lock the drive axle).

Removing the rear shock-absorber

The shock absorber may be removed without removing the battery first, although the Yamaha Workshop Manual & some other non-Yamaha manuals say the contrary.

First remove the connecting arms 'aka dog-bones) & the rocker :
• Remove the connecting arm bolt (#1), shock-absorber lower bolt (#2) and rocker bolt (#3), extract the spacers :



The spacer on axle #3 may be difficult to extract. It goes out on the lhs. DO NOT use brute force or - worse - a hammer as this may destroy the alloy connecting rods !
Use an extracting tool, a tap, a hot air gun on the rods & freeze spray inside the spacer.
This is why a regular maintenance & lubrication of the rear suspension linkage is a must.



• Remove the shock-absorber upper bolt.
• Remove corrosion from the bolts & spacers, then protect with grease.


Job's done, the shock-absorber may now be cleaned and checked.
• Extract, clean and check all bearings from the rocker, lubricate with lithium grease then re-install.
• Check the swing-arm lateral free-play and correct rotation.

Removing the swing-arm

• Remove rear wheel & mudguard.
• Remove the rear brake and hose clamps.
• Remove the main swing-arm nut on the right side (#27) :


• Extract the pivot-shaft from the left-hand side while holding the swing-arm upward :


• Remove the swing-arm & the side play adjusting screw from the right side.

Job's done, swing-arm may now be cleaned and checked.


Clean & lube the rhs chain tensioner screw and swingarm part (risk of electrolytic corrosion).


Checking the swing-arm

• Remove the dust-covers, washers & the spacer.
• Check the pivot shaft & the spacer by rolling them on a flat surface.
• Apply some grease on the pivot shaft & the spacer.
• Extract the bearings :


• Clean & check the bearings :


• Lubricate all bearings with lithium grease in excess then install them with the spacer & washers :


Removing the transmission chain / sprocket : Part Two

Note : Skip to the next chapter in case no chain / sprocket maintenance is scheduled.

• Remove the upper chain-guide :


• Remove the chain, clean it and let it rest in gearbox oil for some time :


• Remove the sprocket if required :


Installation of the rear shock-absorber and the swing-arm

• Push the shock-absorber upward then engage the upper bolt :


• Tighten upper bolt (44Nm /
• Install the transmission chain if it was removed.
• Place the swing-arm in position, move the transmission chain, the rear break & the hoses through it :




• Install the swing-arm side play adjusting screw on the right-hand inner side.
• Insert the swing-arm in position (the lhs dust-cover will try to move away - I noticed that some swearing may help).


• Insert the pivot shaft from the left-hand side then tighten the swing-arm side play adjusting screw (5Nm / :


• Check lateral free-play.
• Install the rocker on the chassis then place the shock-absorber lower bolt on it - all nuts go to the right-hand side :


• Install the connecting arms (49Nm / :


• Tighten the pivot-shaft nut (95Nm /
• Install the rear brake, the rear wheel, the foot-rest holders & the mufflers.
• Check around for parts you forgot to replace...

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