TDM900 : TPS Issue

During years 2002 to 2005, TDM900 had a sometime defective throttle position sensor. These machines have been the subject of a recall in late 2006 by mail from the importer, for modification at the nearest Yamaha dealer without any charge to the customer, even if the warranty period has expired.

Each machine with a TPS exchange was listed by the importer. If in doubt when purchasing a used bike, check with the local Yamaha dealer with the serial number. Follow the same procedure in case you did not receive the mail from the importer (eg. relocation).

Several other bike models had the same problem with the TPS, mainly FJR & R1. Actually TPS troubles are more common than expected, that be on bikes as well as cars ! Here is an excellent write-up about the Anatomy of a TPS on the FJR Forum. There is the same TPS on the TDM.

The TPS is pretty basic design since it is a variable resistor, also called a potentiometer. It is a mechanical device thus subject to wear, especially if it is a low quality - cheap - built. Wear occurs mostly to the most usual positions of the throttle, that is to say, at idle or mid-range for machines used mainly for commuting.

For your information, there is another type of TPS which uses the Hall effect. In this type of sensor there is no mechanical contact and no wear. It is the action of a permanent magnet on a Hall effect electronic circuit that gives an output voltage proportional to the opening angle of the throttle bodies. This kind of sensor is more expensive so it is less often used.


Faulty sensors present the following symptoms :
• Irregular engine rpm at idle, sometimes the engine stalls with no reason.
• Dash resets itself.
• Output voltage shows irregular variations (spikes or non-linearity) when rotating the throttle handle.

Affected models

YearModelSerial numbers
20025PS1JYARN081-00000310 - JYARN081-00011855
20035PS4JYARN084-00000310 - JYARN084-00008758
20045PS6JYARN111-00000310 - JYARN111-00006903
20052B01JYARN114-00000310 - JYARN114-00004247 (EU only)

Mikuni part number

(image)The sensor may also be checked with the production number written on its body :
• number starts with 31: defective sensor, must replace.
• number starts with 46 : sensor is OK.
This is the production number from the sensor manufacturer (Mikuni), not the Yamaha part number.

Yamaha part number

(image)• 2002 - 2005 : 5PS-85885-00
• 2006 - 2007 : 5PS-85885-01
• 2008 - 2010 : 3P6-85885-00 - same as the FJR part.


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